Gallery of Vince Boyko

Gallery of Vince Boyko

September 9, 2015

Vincent Boyko’s Resume

I was born in Montreal in 1943 and shortly thereafter we moved with my family to Saskatchewan, and then to Winnipeg Manitoba. We then moved to Toronto in 1955, the same year that Hurricane Hazel hit the city.

I spent four years studying art at Central Tech. For the next 42 years I worked on varied and challenging projects in the graphic design community. 

In September 2007 I decided it was time to take on a new challenge, and began to paint again. A few months later I sold my partnership in a design company to devote more time to painting. 

I have found inspiration in my garden and in nature. I love spending time in natural settings, having always been fascinated by rocks, plants, fungi and all the textures and colors found in the natural world. 

For the last several years I have been painting a lot of landscapes and driftwood. The subject matter is very diverse, extremely interesting and detailed. The scenes capture the true beauty and simplicity of the environment. My painting style ranges from contemporary to traditional and in some cases abstract. I also do commissions.

Because of the great country style community my wife and I live in we joined  the West Rouge Community Association. I am also publisher of the West Rouge Life magazine which is published twice a year. My wife and I are fortunate to have the waterfront and numerous other trails in our area. This provides me with an abundance of material to paint.


I have had showings at the Mad & Noisy Gallery in Creemore, Gallery Hittite, Gallery Wall, De Goede Gallery and the Yellow House Gallery

Addreess: 20 Guildwood Pkwy., Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M1E 5B6

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