Waiver of Risk

The act of your registration legally determines that you agree with the following waiver:
Waiver of Risk Agreement: 
I do hereby agree that any injuries or conditions that I should incur while participating in this Online Instruction will be my responsibility and no suit for damages as a result of said injuries or conditions will be filed by me or my representative upon Vic Kirkman or his properties.  I understand that safety procedures are fully my responsibility to learn on my own and those that I learn in the program are solely my choice to use or not use.  I accept all risks involved with taking this instruction. 
I agree that any products or services recommended in the program are the sole responsibility of the respective student/user and not of Vic Kirkman Originals.
I also understand that Vic Kirkman retains all rights to this Instruction Program and the instruction may be refused me with no return of paid fees or expenses if it I share my password with someone else without permission from Vic Kirkman or his representatives.
I agree to this Waiver of Risk Agreement.by reigistering in any online instrtuction program offered herein.
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